10 SEO Tasks That You Can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant Websites

SEO has become much more complex. A few years ago, it was enough of a good internal network, several links in directories and partner pages and good content optimization for a good positioning like Vaguys Virtual Assistant Websites. Today, to stand out, sites must reinforce their marketing policy by developing press relations, developing their brand, and animating their virtual communities … More and more time-consuming tasks must be abandoned to focus on the heart of its strategy. marketing. Rather than abandon them, identify those that you could entrust.

1. Keyword Research

Identifying and prioritizing the keywords you need to target (primary, secondary, long tail) is the essential step in any SEO strategy on vasumo. This step will allow not only to define the structure of your Website but also to identify the niches that will allow a good positioning quickly. This time-consuming task is often neglected or even put aside, which can ruin all your marketing efforts.

A virtual assistant websites specializing in SEO can effectively perform this task for you. You can check the quality of your work at any time.

2. Registration of domain names

Your SEO strategy may involve registering multiple domain names . It can quickly become time consuming and discouraging. Indeed, most good domain names are already registered.

By hiring a virtual SEO assistant, you free yourself from the search task. The latter presents you with a selection of domains that he considers relevant. Just choose which one you want to exploit.

3. On-page optimization

Any good SEO strategy starts with his site. The well optimized pages and well-organized can improve the responsiveness of your website on search engines, especially Google. Today, many tools allow to quickly analyse the main optimization criteria like Google Search Console or Dare boost . Once the results are collected, we must be able to transmit the recommendations to your technical team or your web agency. The size of this task depends on the size of your site, it can take an hour to a month.

A virtual assistant with SEO experience can help you be more efficient. If your site is consistent (with several different types of pages), it can take the time to do the analysis one by one. His experience will allow him to quickly isolate the points to be treated and translate them into technical terms.

4. Benchmark of the competition

Your competitors and your customers create the ecosystem of your business. Analyse the competition is essential to succeed. It’s not just about focusing on the type of products, their promotions, their messages or their communication channels … You also need to analyse the structure of their sites, the keywords they have chosen and all the elements that allow them to get a good ranking on the search engines.

We recommend that you keep in-house the more strategic analyses of the competition. On the other hand, for the positioning analysis and identification of the most serious competitors, a virtual assistant can actually save you a lot of time.

5. Active participation in the forums

The forums are still spaces with many interactions and in different areas. A forum is not just a space where users ask questions or give answers. It is also a source of backlinks of very good quality provided that the rules of the forum are respected. A forum can send traffic to your site and establish it as an authoritative site in your niche. To achieve this, active participation is necessary.

But to be honest, integrating this type of participation into your employees’ schedule can quickly become chaotic. They may lose interest in their main tasks. An SEO virtual assistant can assist you in this task. He can start by selecting the forums that are relevant to your activity and then wear your cap in selected forums in accordance with the editorial charter that you have defined.

6. Participation in the blogosphere

Like the forums, the blogosphere can be considered as an organism living on the Internet. Active participation by publishing container and comments on blogs in your niche, can actually improve the SEO performance of your site.

You cannot expect to receive the benefits of blogging by practicing it sporadically. A regular activity is needed to see the fruits of your labor. Before hiring a virtual SEO, assistant who can handle this task, you will need to set the desired frequency of publication on your blog and the blogs on which you want it to be active.

7. Submission Services

Many say today that directory listings have become useless. Yet this remains necessary. There are indeed some excellent quality directories but especially increasingly specialized directories (blogs directories, RSS feed directories, article directories, software directories

Submit each of your RSS feeds (you can affect define multiple streams for the same blog segmenting by category for example), your blog articles etc. is time consuming even if it is not to be done on a regular basis. This task can be very easily delegated to a virtual assistant.

8. Link building

Despite the various updates of Google’s algorithm, backlinks remain the main currency of exchange on search engines. Today it is not quantity that matters but quality. Find quality backlinks is more and more difficult; quality sites exist but most are not necessarily inclined to publish advertising articles.

A virtual assistant with a link building experience, can handle this task for you. This can be done punctually in the context of his schedule, or on the contrary in the long term for a regular acquisition of back links.

9. Internal Link Building

Links count. Internal links too. If before it was enough to make a giant menu with anchors optimized for a good positioning, today your internal mesh must be intelligent! It is therefore essential to link optimally your internal pages without doing too much!

A virtual assistant websites can make this mesh for you. This will be all the more effective if he has done the SEO analysis of your site and the search for keywords. He will then have a good knowledge of the structure of your site and can make relevant links between your pages and boost your ranking on the search engines.

10. Content marketing

Content marketing involves writing articles, press releases, guest articles on your niche blogs, and so on. but also, the relay of these contents on the various social platforms. Your virtual assistant can also develop simple videos or services to share them on YouTube or Slide Share.

As you can imagine, the use of different Content Marketing tools takes time to gain control. In addition, ensuring optimal visibility of its content can quickly become a full-time activity. A virtual SEO assistant will save you both time and efficiency!