10 SEO Tasks That You Can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant Websites

SEO has become much more complex. A few years ago, it was enough of a good internal network, several links in directories and partner pages and good content optimization for a good positioning like Vaguys Virtual Assistant Websites. Today, to stand out, sites must reinforce their marketing policy by developing press relations, developing their brand, and animating their virtual communities … More and more time-consuming tasks must be abandoned to focus on the heart of its strategy. marketing. Rather than abandon them, identify those that you could entrust.

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Sports in social life

“Meaning and objectives of artistic and sports mediation in the process of social and professional integration”

General presentation

The process of socio-occupational integration of adolescents and young adults can be supported in a complementary way by mediating activities such as artistic, cultural or sports practices.

These forms of mediation contribute to the reinforcement of socialization and the feeling of confidence from individual or group approaches centered on play and experimentation.

The use of an artistic or sports mediation tool is also intended to allow the development of new centers of … Read the rest

Cricket for Dummies, before the World Cup Final

A little lexicon for all those who want to understand everything in the match between Sunday, Melbourne, Australia and New Zealand.

With 1.5 billion fans, cricket is the flagship sport of the Commonwealth. For decades, the former British colonizer and a large part of his former colonies (India, Pakistan, Australia or South Africa) have developed an unparalleled passion for the bat sport.

On Sunday, Australia and , the two host nations of the eleventh World Cricket Cup, face off in the final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. At stake: a … Read the rest

Contents To fold

I. Principle

II. notations

III. Preparation

III-A. Does your PC have a fixed IP address or not?

III-B. Does your ADSL connection have a fixed IP address or not?

III-C. What name do you want to use to access your site?

III-D. Port selection

IV. Web server installation

V. Configure the web server for access from the outside

VI. Configure the ADSL router

VII. Test

VIII. Troubleshooting

VIII-A. It works from the outside but not internally

You have a high-speed Internet connection at home and you want to install a … Read the rest

Presentation of the Site123 software

Site123, published by the sOptions LTD group, is a proprietary website creation software that, at the time these lines are written, claims more than 250,000 customers. Three arguments are put forward by the publisher: the free, the simplicity of use and the speed. Site123 allows people who have no knowledge of design and code to create their own custom website in just three steps without the help of a professional.

software site123 homepage

Site123 is for both individuals and professionals. The extreme simplicity of its interface will be very suitable … Read the rest


1.Logitech G502 Proteus Core

   Mouse or NASA Command Center? The 2017 (re) release of this peripheral giant      tinkered with gamer’ most beloved brands, such as Gazer and Alien ware. The differential of this mouse goes beyond the excellent quality of construction, is in the rationalization. The software included with Proteus allows you to not only configure functions for each of your 9 dedicated buttons, but also create profiles for several different games! That is, just open the program and choose between profiles before playing DOTS, Loll or any other … Read the rest

Legends About Chumba Sweeps Cash

Martingale roulette, counting blackjack cards. Tricks that will make you rich or fantasies of dreamy onlookers at the doors of Bellagio Vegas? Even though some myths about casinos and their games are not completely unfounded, here are 10 mythbusters. For more information on Bonus seeker.


1. The roulette is 50/50

2. Blackjack: Prohibition of counting cards

3. Las Vegas has the biggest casinos

4. Oxygen for you to dope

5. No crisis for casinos

6. Casinos: a dirty money laundry

7. “Hot” tables and “cold” tables

8. Big … Read the rest


The TRADITIONAL GAMES  of Pacino La Grande Mott  are located in the Casino mixed with slot machines, they are open from  21 h at 4 am every day for 2 tables of Black Jack , 2 tables English Roulette and 2 Casino Poker Tables . The 7 Texas Hold’em Poker tables   also open from 9 pm to 4 am.

The Pasino systematically offers novelty with electronic English roulette and its 100 gaming stations, including 30 outdoor in your new space , open from 10am to 4am , unique in the … Read the rest

10 must-see films to dive into the world of the future


What will the future look like ? A big question that has stimulated the imagination of many filmmakers! Sometimes with stunning realism, they even predict the technologies that are now an integral part of our daily lives. Think of Star Trek (as early as 1966) and his touch screens, the beginnings of artificial intelligence and Siri with 2001,  Stanley Kubrick’s (1968) space odyssey , Total Recall (1990) and his autonomous cars. , the personalized advertising & facial recognition software of Minority Report (2002) … The examples are … Read the rest

7 good battery gadgets

1. Lots of Energy

As long as some scientist does not invent a tiny, clean, inexpensive plutonium energy cell that lasts forever, our beloved gadgets will be held hostage by their lithium-ion, short-lived chargers and chargers. Shoot the first smartphone who has never missed an important conversation, or even some work by a power outage by having forgotten the charger or by being without any plug nearby. Thinking about these cases, we separate products that have one feature in common: Highlander batteries. In the end, we’ve chosen two gadgets that … Read the rest