10 SEO Tasks That You Can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant Websites

10 SEO Tasks That You Can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant Websites

SEO has become much more complex. A few years ago, it was enough of a good internal network, several links in directories and partner pages and good content optimization for a good positioning like Vaguys Virtual Assistant Websites. Today, to stand out, sites must reinforce their marketing policy by developing press relations, developing their brand, and animating their virtual communities … More and more time-consuming tasks must be abandoned to focus on the heart of its strategy. marketing. Rather than abandon them, identify those that you could entrust.

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Contents To fold

Contents To fold

I. Principle

II. notations

III. Preparation

III-A. Does your PC have a fixed IP address or not?

III-B. Does your ADSL connection have a fixed IP address or not?

III-C. What name do you want to use to access your site?

III-D. Port selection

IV. Web server installation

V. Configure the web server for access from the outside

VI. Configure the ADSL router

VII. Test

VIII. Troubleshooting

VIII-A. It works from the outside but not internally

You have a high-speed Internet connection at home and you want to install a … Read the rest

Presentation of the Site123 software

Presentation of the Site123 software

Site123, published by the sOptions LTD group, is a proprietary website creation software that, at the time these lines are written, claims more than 250,000 customers. Three arguments are put forward by the publisher: the free, the simplicity of use and the speed. Site123 allows people who have no knowledge of design and code to create their own custom website in just three steps without the help of a professional.

software site123 homepage

Site123 is for both individuals and professionals. The extreme simplicity of its interface will be very suitable … Read the rest