Presentation of the Site123 software

Site123, published by the sOptions LTD group, is a proprietary website creation software that, at the time these lines are written, claims more than 250,000 customers. Three arguments are put forward by the publisher: the free, the simplicity of use and the speed. Site123 allows people who have no knowledge of design and code to create their own custom website in just three steps without the help of a professional.

software site123 homepage

Site123 is for both individuals and professionals. The extreme simplicity of its interface will be very suitable for people who need to have a ready-to-use site very quickly. In return, the degree of customization and features are quite limited. We are far from the possibilities offered by open source software like WordPress or Prestashop . This is by no means a complaint to Site123, which clearly does not target people with complex needs. Site123 is designed for neophytes.

Site123 is a CMS designed for the creation of showcases, in the broadest sense of the term: business sites, medical sites, event promotion sites, product presentation sites, photography sites, restaurant sites, etc. The ecommerce features and blogging features are quite limited.

Site123 allows you to create a showcase site with a very small budget. To get an overview of this important aspect, find out how much it costs to create a showcase site .

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Suitable for e-commerce Template adapted by sector / profession

Design and Template

As you will see by viewing the examples of sites created with Site123, the design does not vary much from one site to another. This is because Site123 only offers one template. Nevertheless, this does not prohibit any possibility of customization. The template can indeed be customized according to the category you choose at the start.

full test software site123 design template

Depending on the chosen category, Site123 will adapt the layout and above all automatically install the relevant modules. For example, by choosing the category “Restaurants & Food”, your site will contain by default a section “Menu”. Once on the editing interface of your site, you also have the possibility to modify some design elements: the main color of the theme, the font, the shape of the buttons, the structuring of the columns, etc. You can also, with one click, turn your website into “one-page site” (to learn more about this format, discover ” the art of the web site to a page “). But let’s be honest: if you want a tailor-made and ultra-personalized site, Site123 is not the solution

Edit the content of your site with Site123

The simplicity of the editing interface is by far the best feature of Site123. It’s this simplicity that will delight those of you who have no knowledge of website creation and want to create a simple site in a matter of days – but that will quickly frustrate those who want to go further. Simplicity clearly plays to the detriment of functional richness. We reach the limits very quickly, even if some third-party applications can add features (livechat, marketing tools …). The editing interface includes a sidebar on the left that gives you access to all functions to create and modify the content of your site (but also site settings). The rest of the screen shows you the visual of your site,

complete test software site123 interface editor

The “Pages” menu is the one you will use the most. From there, you can manage your pages, edit them, delete them or create new ones. One of the positive points of Site123 lies in the great diversity of the templates of pages that you can add to your site:

full test software site123 add new page

You can integrate on your site text, photos, galleries, videos, music, contact forms, testimonials, restaurant menus, a blog with some articles, a simple shop to sell some products, a FAQ, a “Rates” page, a “Team” page, a “Customers” page, a “Chronology” page, an “About” page, etc. All in just a few clicks. All these page templates allow to create an operational site in a few days. Site123 pre-chews the work. Of course, each page template can – and even has to – be customized. Once created, your different pages are very easy to organize with each other inside your site.

Site123 provides its users / customers with a library of good quality images.

Offers & Prices

Site123 offers a total of five offers: a free offer and four paid offers. In any case, it is Site123 who manages the accommodation. So you do not have to worry about server management and site maintenance. If you choose the free offer, you will have a sub-domain (customizable), that is to say that the address of your website will have the form “”. In the paid offers, Site 123 offers you a domain name (“”) for the first year or allows you to connect yours.

Learn how to choose an effective domain name for your website in 7 steps .

Between these different offers, the differences are also played out in terms of storage space, bandwidth, advertising, the maximum number of orders per month (if you sell products on your site), the number of boxes messaging. Finally, note that an account at Site123 allows you to create as many sites as you want. This is very valuable if your project is to create dozens of small sites.