The 10 high-tech gadgets that marked 2019

Misfit Flash

The best connected bracelet. The watches and bracelets connected were probably the flagship products of the year. Despite dozens of references published in 2014, no model really stood out from the competition. The Misfit Flash is however reference figure in the field: sleek design, stylish visual indicator and it has the advantage of being waterproof in addition to being shock resistant. For less than 50 euros, it is certainly the best value for money on the market.

Parrot Bebop Drone

The playful high-end drone. Parrot was one of the pioneers to launch drones for the general public. In 2014, the brand expanded its range with several new devices. The Bebop Drone represents the high-end model with its four mini-propellers, high-definition camera and pro handle, sold as an option. A toy for older children since it is sold from 499 euros.

T’nb Vertical Mouse

A new way to surf. Spending more than eight hours a day in front of a computer is not good for the back, eyes or wrist. For this last symptom, there are now several accessories that improve your comfort, including this particular mouse: cone-shaped, it is used vertically even if the movements remain horizontal. It takes several minutes to get used to its handling but the gain in comfort is almost instantaneous. A wireless version is also available.

philips screeneo

The high definition portable screen.The video projector market has never really taken off from the general public. But Philips could change the situation with this device out of the ordinary. In appearance, the Screeneo is a large dark gray block with a leather strap for transport. But inside, it’s a real technological focus: high definition image, diagonal projection between 50 and 150 inches and a noise almost zero. It’s very simple, the Screeneo is able to replace any television and offers a brightness far superior to what the competition offers. Transportable and ultra-easy to handle, it even includes speakers for an all-inclusive housing. A real find that has a high price: from 999 euros for the basic version.

Homido VR Mask

Virtual reality at a low price. It’s one of the most talked about high-tech accessories in 2014: virtual reality headsets. By donning this big ski mask, the user plunges into a virtual world in which he can see and move 360 ​​°. The applications are so numerous: visiting an apartment or a museum at a distance or playing video games in total immersion. The Homido model, manufactured by a French start-up, has the advantage of only costing 69 euros and is compatible with most smartphones, via dedicated applications. An original accessory and really innovative.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet Pro 2

The tablet more than complete. The war of tablets seems to have left the field of innovation to focus on design, technical characteristics and of course the price. But the Chinese Lenovo does not give up and launched in late 2014 a new version of its high-end model, the Yoga Tablet Pro 2. In this model of 13 inches (the size of a laptop screen), the one of the corners of the base hides a not trivial accessory: a video projector. You can broadcast on your wall, at home or on the road, your videos, your photos or your professional presentations. And it works divinely well! All for a price lower than that of the iPad: 499 euros.

MyDlink smart socket

“Oh thin, I forgot to unplug the iron!” This sentence may never have to be pronounced again. Like other brands, D-Link offers a simple accessory: a connected plug. How it works ? Connect the socket to the wall, reconnect your electrical device and connect to the dedicated application: you can take control, even remotely, of your appliances for a lower cost. It also works with lamps, radiators or audio devices to control everything from your smartphone for less than 50 euros.

Google Chromecast

The magic key for television. Do you own an Android smartphone or tablet? With the Chromecast key, it is now possible to project all the contents of Android devices onto your TV (provided it has an HDMI jack) simply by using a WiFi connection. A response to the Apple TV but cheaply: 35 euros for an accessory that could quickly become indispensable.

TP Link Battery

The essential battery backup. Another accessory to be democratized in 2014: external batteries for smartphones or tablets. With these particularly energy-hungry devices, it is difficult for the ultra-connected to see the autonomy decrease visibly. There are countless models marketed this year but that of TP-Link has the advantage of offering two USB inputs to recharge two devices simultaneously at a price yet very low: 25 euros.

Archos Beany

The most musical hat. The principle is simple: a cap, two small speakers sewn into the lining that come to rest on the ears and you get the Beany. This accessory designed by Archos connects to a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth and contrary to what you might think, the sound is not too poor quality. Available in four colors (black, gray, blue and white), it is sold 29.99 euros. What to listen to your favorite hits on the ski slopes.