10 must-see films to dive into the world of the future


What will the future look like ? A big question that has stimulated the imagination of many filmmakers! Sometimes with stunning realism, they even predict the technologies that are now an integral part of our daily lives. Think of Star Trek (as early as 1966) and his touch screens, the beginnings of artificial intelligence and Siri with 2001,  Stanley Kubrick’s (1968) space odyssey , Total Recall (1990) and his autonomous cars. , the personalized advertising & facial recognition software of Minority Report (2002) … The examples are not lacking! Did these films predict the future or did they help shape it by inspiring the best engineers? Mystery…

Beyond the classics mentioned above, Welcome to the Jungle reveals its selection to discover (or rediscover!) Cult films around the future, new technologies and digital innovation . From utopian film (or dystopian), to extravagant futuristic films and realism, there will be something for everyone! So, ready?

The future superhero sauce:

Iron Man – John Favreau (2008)

When fiction inspires reality A billionaire hero with biting humor sprinkled with innovations: ideal to know what will happen (perhaps) someday in the real world! Indeed, we often compare the character of Tony Stark (the billionaire who hides under the armor of Iron Man) to Elon Musk, the founding entrepreneur of Paypal, Space X and Tesla. He worked on a revolutionary battery to store energy from wind turbines and solar panels that is reminiscent of the invention of T.Stark

The crazy future:

H2G2: The Galactic Traveler’s Guide – Garth Jennings (2005)

The risk of traveling in a bathrobe in space. While the entire planet threatens to be destroyed, Arthur Dent, a Briton embarks on a cosmic-comic journey to the H2G2 universe. A film “UFO” and entertaining, (special mention to the delusional character of John Malkovich illuminated guru) that decrypts the questions of a human lost in the universe. Bonus: The book of Adam Douglas at the origin of this film is at the origin of the geek cult around the number 42. This figure is indeed depicted here as the answer to the big question on the meaning of life, calculated by a huge computer.

Back to the future – Robert Zemeckis (1985)

“Must see great in life, even travel through time at the wheel of a car, so choose one that has a face!” . Back to the future is the year 2015, ideal future version: a beautiful car that is a machine to travel in time, a world where you can move in skateboard flying … The film originally released in 1985 had predicted the invention of many objects; predictions that were right: video conferencing vs Skype and Facetime, flat screens, 3D glasses vs Google Glass … It remains only the flying car. Back to the future is a jewel of pop culture with an original band become cult, a film that is joyful to see and see again with his child’s eyes.

To read: The saga Douglas Galactic Traveler’s Guide

The dystopian future Blade Runner – Ridley Scott (1982)

Los Angeles 2019. Blade Runner was released 35 years ago and yet this film is still admired for its extraordinary futuristic universe and its atmosphere “cyberpunk” (movement whose film is a reference elsewhere). 35 years later, Blade Runner returns to the heart of the cinematographic news with the very first trailer of the next “Blade Runner 2049”. The excellent Denis Villeneuve is in charge for the realization, and the announced casting (Harrison Ford and Ryan Reynold) is more than promising. Looking forward to October 2017, we look at the 1982 edition.

Close future:

The perfect woman is an AI. In the near future in Los Angeles, Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) is trying to recover from a break that has broken his heart. He then acquired a new operating system and found himself communicating daily with Samantha (the delightful voice of Scarlett Johansson), a sophisticated artificial intelligence, modeled according to his needs, which he will end up falling in love with. Her takes us into a world where AIs are part of everyday life, and raises the question of the place of AI in our future.

Black Mirror – Charlie Brooker (2011)

“The future is bright”. Driven like a missile in the world of series, the show presents several dystopias related to technological advances. Through episodes independent of each other, Black Mirror plunges us into a future more or less close. The series offers a chilling look at contemporary society and its relationship to new technologies and information. Visual work as fascinating as terrifying, some episodes are cold in the back. The series stands out from the game of genre diversity (romance, comedy, drama, thriller etc.) and exploited themes.

The unclassifiable futuristic fable:

Cloud Atlas – Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski (2012)

SF and poetry. The Wachowski have become known to the general public through their anthology trilogy Matrix, we did not put you in this top but obviously is a pillar of geek culture. Cloud Atlas is a vertiginous experience whose philosophical scope will baffle you. The film is built as a symphony that is articulated in six very different stories and yet linked through the ages. It is a beautiful reflection on the evolution of humanity towards progress and this heritage of the past that we must never forget.

The future tender:

Wall-E – Andrew Stanton (2008)

The delicacy of scrap. In the twenty-second century, all life has disappeared from the surface of the planet. There remains only a huge open-air dump. The only one still present, Wall-E, a small garbage robot still working, continues the task for which it was programmed. Everything changes when a robot last generation (female) arrives on mission. Eve has a mission to lead: to look for a possible form of plant life on the surface of the globe … It is a futuristic fable that begins as a dystopia but ends on a note of hope, by Pixar studios.

Realistic films around the inventions that have marked / mark our century

The social network -David Fincher (2010)

The origins of Facebook. A version of the events that led to the creation of the most famous social networks. From a scoring game between students of the Havard promo (at the limit of the cruel) to 1.79 billion active users per month (November 2016), we discover the incredible rise of the entrepreneur Mark Zuckenberg . The actors are excellent and the monologue of the scene of the break is a feat of the actor Jesse Eisenberg. The director David Fincher, who has an appetite for the psychological thriller, signs this little gem of writing with this film!

Silicon Valley – John Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky (2014)

Humorous portrait of the world of technology . Often compared to Big Bang Theory, the Silicon Valley HBO series caricatures the lives of roommates programmers in San Francisco Bay. One of them is at the origin of the creation of a revolutionary algorithm that will find itself at the center of all desires.